Cleaning gungy Flexowriter

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Date: Fri Nov 5 12:51:42 2004

> >>>>> "Tom" == Tom Jennings <> writes:
> Tom> On Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> >> A word of warning here.... Castrol Super Clean (the original
> >> purple degreaser) can degloss paint and fade some plastics. If an
> >> alternative can't be found, I'd dilute it with water before
> >> contact with the machine.
> Tom> A good point; this stuff is HARSH. It's a degreaser, and
> Tom> contains a lot of lye, amongst other things, it eats skin
> Tom> (literally makign you bleed if you leave it on your skin). I
> Tom> didn't say, but it seems obvious, rapidly effective chemistry
> Tom> isn't selective, and cover your ass and other parts liberally
> Tom> with latex gloves (no remarks please). I use two layers with
> Tom> this stuff.
> If you meant "latex" literally, that may be problematic. Latex rubber
> dissolves in lots of things. Vinyl may be better. For anything as
> nasty as lye, I'd go for nothing less than sturdy neoprene gloves.
> paul

I stopped using that purple stuff, it is POWERFUL but this will
corrode non-ferrous stuff like aluminum alloy, zinc alloy (potmetal)
etc. Don't like it but it cuts through grease junk like no tomorrow.

So I went back to old fashioned degreaser that was common back then
that smelled like keno (pinkish) Easy on stuff and still cut through
grease and oily stuff. I still wear nitrile gloves for any


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