Edusystem 25 BASIC source

From: Rick Bensene <>
Date: Fri Nov 5 23:53:22 2004

Problem is that part of this is corrupted.
After the label FOGO2, go down 22 lines, and there's a bunch of
gibberish. I've tried to reconstruct the damaged source from
a binary version that I found, but when I assemble it (on my 8/E
as well as on simh), the resulting code runs for the most part, but
calculations generate incorrect results. The section of code
that is corrupted is part of the floating point math routines.

The project to get this figured out is on hold while our new home
is being built, and all of the computer stuff is in storage.

So close -- yet so far.

Rick Bensene

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> I remembered that Jeff Russ had the source for this up at
> so I dug around and put the mirror that I had
> made of his site several years ago. The EDU25 BASIC src can
> be found at:
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