Replacing an A2000 battery

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Date: Sat Nov 6 13:55:46 2004

> I am currently in the process of replacing my Amiga 2000's battery... On
> the
> one I was finally able to remove there *seems* to be some damage to the
> circuit board that was underneath and nearing the 68000. Instead of the
> circuits being a nice green colour, it is now black. Is there any way to
> tell if this is only a colour change? Also, it looks like some of the
> copper has been eaten away around where the negative part of the battery
> was soldered to the motherboard.

sounds like the battery acid leaked out and started eating away. Only way
to know if damage has been done is to see if the board still works (boots)
or not. You can't really clean it off without doing some damage to the
> I have cleaned all of the white crap off with vinegar and a toothbrush. I
> then used "Precision Electronics Cleaner" from RS which is _supposed_ to
> leave no residue.
> Also, how are the solder tabs affixed to the battery? The replacement
> batteries I got don't have any.

The tabe are usually spot welded on. Most cells are designed to go into
some sort of holder that has contacts. You might have to rig up a battery
with pigtail leads and attach that to the mobo, with the battery stuck on
somewhere with RTV or other adhesive.

Gary Hildebrand
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