Infoserver SCSI chips?

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon Nov 8 09:05:23 2004

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>> But you have internet access ?
>> Check this " - the online museum" and the
>> pictures of the inforserver 150. There is a NCR5380 grinning at
>> you ;-)

 Adrian> Gah! That's what happens when I don't check my own stuff,
 Adrian> though said correspondent had told me he'd checked my
 Adrian> infoserver images and they were just too blurry to be
 Adrian> useful. I wonder what screen resolution he's using? The one
 Adrian> picture with visible lettering on the NCR chip is obvious to
 Adrian> me and I'm running 1600x1200....

Time to confess... I looked at several photos but somehow managed to
miss the one that shows things clearly!


Thanks gents...

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