Replacing an A2000 battery

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Mon Nov 8 15:47:12 2004

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004, Bryan Pope wrote:

> > The reason is that when soldering on the wires tabs etc, the Lithium cell may
> > be heated enough to explode in your face = Very Bad Thing
> >
> Will the same thing happen with a NiCad battery?

This will become one of those 'how many angels can dance on
the head of a pin?' threads if we don't watch out...

Yes and no.

At one extreme, if you get any cell hot enough, it will leak,
dry out, corrode, burst, etc.

At the other, if the cell has enough mass, or the
tab/button/metal end/etc is thermally isolated enough from the
chemical guts, it'll be just fine.

If you are proficient with a soldering iron, the metal is
cooperative (eg. solder wets it easily), it has a long welded
tab (some do), are very careful (eg. pre-wet solder on the
cell end; tin light wire properly; heat cell end to flow the
two together) you can make it work just fine.

If you're not skilled with a soldering iron and don't have a
seat-of-the-pants feel for what's going on, you should probably
not do it. It's skills-based judgement calls.

Big fat cells, good chance. Tiny, flat, watch cells, bad
chance. YMMV.
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