OT (probably): HP T500, HPUX and multiple CPUs

From: Bob Brown <bbrown_at_harpercollege.edu>
Date: Mon Nov 8 10:33:33 2004

I run a T600 (upgraded form a T520), which is the follow-on from the T500.

yes, it is possible to disable a cpu from within the SP (service processor).

You'd need to control-B (from the console) into the SP and navigate
the screens to see if any of your cpu/memory boards are

Let me know if you need more help.


>Actually I'm not quite sure how old the machine is - maybe it is ten
>years old now and so on topic just...
>Anyhow, are there any experts out there who know if a specific version
>of HPUX is needed to run with SMP support on an HP 9000 T500?
>We've got a 6-CPU T500 at the museum with HPUX 11.xx on it, but
>according to the status LEDs it's just running everything on the one CPU
>with the other 5 sitting idle.
>Possibilities that spring to mind:
>a) as above, it's a version / installation issue
>b) it's a licensing thing and there's no way of using standard HPUX
>media on a multi-CPU machine without paying HP lots of money (boo!)
>c) the machine or HPUX is a bit funny in the way it handles multiple
>CPUs and we need force processes to run on a specific CPU via some
>command, rather than it being transparently handled by the CPU
>d) user stupidity (none of us really know much about the machine and nor
>are we HPUX experts)
>Option d would probably be preferable - we can always learn :) Option
>b's obviously the least desirable and would result in us looking at
>Linux for the machine I think!
>Anyone worked with these beasts before and know offhand what the problem
>might be? (we've got HPUX 11 media by the way; but as stated maybe not a
>version that's truly compatible with a multi-CPU machine)
>Being able to force stuff to run on a specific CPU from a shell would
>actually be beneficial, as I have an idea to do a bit of distributed
>raytracing on the machine for giggles (6 CPUs is good, but 90MHz each
>IIRC is less so :-)

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