From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Nov 9 17:48:03 2004

At 05:46 PM 11/9/04 -0500, Ed wrote:
>At 05:30 PM 11/9/2004, you wrote:
>> LOL! YOu gotta be talking about Joe Barkley! I bug Joe about HP stuff
>> everytime that I see him! I got a 1000 from him last year at the Orlando
>> hamfest. Over the years I've bought a fair amount of test equipment from
>> him plus HP calculators, HP-IL stuff, a couple of HP 3468s and more.
>> Joe's a hell of a nice guy. But I'm to the point that I don't even have
>> to look for HP 1000s any more. After you acquire a certain critical mass,
>> similar systems just seems to find their way to you on their own! That's
>> happened to me with DEC stuff, Tektronix systems, HP 1000s, and more
>> recently with Intel Multibus stuff.
>Yeah, it was Joe Barkley. He really did seem like a hell of a nice guy.
>He said he'd keep an eye out for me on HP1000 boards.

  You should get him to watch for cables, manuals and periphals. They're a lot harder to find than the systems. The connector hoods on the cables are easy to spot.

>He had a lot of HP test equipment and tons of Tektronix systems.

  Joe was probably piled up with junk because they cancelled the Melbourne hamfest this year becuase of the hurricanes. (Melbourne got hit less than a week before the hamfest and most of the power was still out and there were still people living in the auditorium.) Melbourne is a big hamfest and the first one of the season here in Florida. I think it and the one in February in Orlando are the only ones that he comes to down here.

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