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Date: Tue Nov 9 18:31:27 2004

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004, Dan Veeneman wrote:

> Third rescue, to me, was the best: I now have a working
> Hewlett-Packard 9831A desktop computer. This machine uses
> the BASIC language, has a single-line LED display and accepts
> most of the 9825 interfaces. I know Tony has one of these, but
> I'm not sure if anyone else does. They only appeared in the HP

I've got a 9830B.

> catalog for one year and are extremely uncommon. I wrote a
> bunch of software on these computers for an HP VAR in 1981 or so,
> but I haven't seen a 9831 since then. The machine I have now even
> has the floppy drive ROM cartridge, so I can hook up eight-inch disc
> drives (9885M plus up to three 9885S) to it as well.

Mine came with an Infotek (I believe that's the manufacturer) 8" drive
with the same form factor and styling of the computer so it fits on top
quite nicely (between the computer and the printer).

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