Sony floppy drive

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Nov 9 19:14:53 2004

> Hello M Duell,

You mean A. R. Duell, surely? You have posted to a large, international,
mailing list...

> I have problem with my Floppy drive: Sony, Model MP-F52W-00D, This
> floppy drive is connecting to our machine (not PC).

What is the machine (I would guess an HP something-or-other) that you're
using it with, and what's the controller? (if it is an HP, what drive
unit does it come out of?)
> What model it is possible to replace by?

I don't know of anything that is directly compatible with it. The first
problem would be the interface pinout. I can't remember if this drive has
the 26 pin connecotr or the 34 pin one, but even in the latter case there
are liklely to be a few differences from the PC drive -- if it's the 34
pin one I thin it is, there were _many_ options selected by soldered
jumpers on the drive PCB, including things like putting the power input on
the odd-numbered pins of the 34 pin connector.

A more serious problem is that these Sony drives rotate at 600 rpm, twice
the speed of a PC drive. You would need to either speed up the PC drive
or modify the controller (and maybe the driver software).

What is wrong with the existing drive? It may seem to be a strange idea,
but thse drives can often be _repaired_.

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