VCF weekend in the Midwest

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 00:16:54 2004

Dan Veeneman wrote:
> Gary's original message wasn't clear how things worked there,
> but after a few questions I figured it out. I did spend money inside
> the store on old manuals and ICs (74141s and C1702As, which
> are on-topic), but the hardware I listed was outside the building,
> next to a dumpster. According to the folks behind the counter,
> locals come by and drop off their old hardware next to that
> dumpster. So, anything out there is free for the taking.

Free! Wow, that's great!

What did they have inside computer related, anything? Last time I was
there they had an IBM System 36 and a few HP parts, some Apple // stuff
and a few Macs, and various PC's that were plain garbage by even my
standards. I've been meaning to get back down, but just haven't had the
time for a potentially wasted trip. They don't seem to know much about
computer equipment. In fact, I think they even stated that to me at one

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
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