Classic Mac Gurus! - Tell me please

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 11:13:59 2004

>Mines a A9M106, and seems to be compatible with my Mac Classic, That is
>if my
>mac classic can grok an 800K drive.

Yes, the classic can handle an 800k drive.

Support for the 800k disks was dropped I believe in software, not
hardware sometime around OS 8.?? Any Mac that has a floppy port should be
able to work with an 800k drive, with the exception of possibly the 128k
(the 512 needs the "Init 20" init to use an 800k drive, that same init
may work with the 128. I have a feeling I've used it to add an HD20 to
the 128 in the past, but I can't be sure, and I've seen reports that the
HD20 does NOT work with the 128... if the reports are right, and I'm
wrong, then the 128 should also fail to use an 800k drive for the same
lack of HFS support reason)

The Classic will work just fine with an 800k drive. The harder part will
be finding 800k disks! (you can't reliably use HD disks as 800k. It will
work, but not for long)

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