DEC Docs, Diagrams, and Diags. on Microfische

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 13:24:32 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 14:06 -0500, Joe R. wrote:
> There was along discussion on this list about a year ago about scanning
> microfiche but I don't think anyone could make it work at the time. However
> there are now HIGH resolution film scanners so it may be possible now. OTOH
> my buddy who is a professional photographer has a new EXPENSIVE digital
> camera and could probably photograph these directly.

One of the guys at the museum looked into it as he's got a huge stack of
DEC fiche; I can't remember what the cost per fiche was now but it was
sufficiently high that cost of getting the whole lot done added up
pretty quick. I believe he's asked the company to do a few samples
though, so we'll see what the quality's like. I believe they charged per
slide, rather than per fiche (presumably because the expense is in the
amount of printed output, rather than the number of input fiches)

I'll ask if he's got a list what exactly what DEC fiches he has. If
someone lives close to the museum on this side of the pond and has free
access to a fiche scanner, then do speak up :)


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