Build your own Enigma!

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 19:17:02 2004

> This is really cool:

What's the point? If you want an Enigma copy, then build a real
mechanical one (not at all impossible in a good home workshop). If you
want an encryption system, then use one of the many more secure ones that
are available now, If for some reason you want to be able to
encode/decode enigma messages, it's not hard to write a suitable program
for a good handheld computer/calculator.

This seems to be as pointless as those fake 'old radios' that look like
pre-war sets but which have ICs inside (or the UK 'copies' of 1960's
transistor portables with the FM band and ICs inside). If you want a
valve radio, then get one...

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