Shipping a Model 33 (RO) Teletype

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 19:29:21 2004

> I've bought a model 33 off eBay. The seller doesn't
> really know how to ship one -- he's just got it in a
> box with styrofoam peanuts. I'm trying to give him
> some instructions on how to do it right. I recall
> that
> there is a shipping screw that must be locked, but
> don't remember the details. Can anyone give me some
> instructions I can pass on to him? If anyone has
> shipped one of these, I'd like to know what worked and
> what didn't. I remember a few stories of machines
> damaged in transit showing up on the list.
> Thanks,
> --Bill

I recently bought a working ASR-33 from a company that
used to do maintenance on these things. They did put the
shpping bolt in it, and it was inserted underneath the
keyboard area from outside the bottom cover. It seems
that it was about 3 or 4 inches long with a big washer
on the end. Since I bought mine in working condition,
I went ahead and paid a little extra to have it strapped
to a pallet, wrapped with some bubble wrap and foam, and
covered with a cardboard box shaped to fit. I bought an
LA36 DecWriter at the same time and both were shipped on
the same palllet. I used FedEx Freight, which did a fine
job delivering it.

I don't know what else to tell you, but I do know that
mine survived the trip and worked perfectly when I tested
it out. I have heard of others who were not quite as

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