Macintosh Plus 1MB with kybd., mouse, cables, cover(s) Free for Postag e

From: Bill Pileggi <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 23:45:18 2004

A Macintosh Plus 1MB with keyboard, mouse, power cable, apple cable and dust cover(s) followed me home from trash night. I powered it up - makes the tone, then wants you to load floppy disk in drive. I've got no boot disks... Display is good. Overall condition is decent, needs cleaning. Weights 20 pounds/9Kg. total. It's yours for postage from 19001 USPS; 19044 UPS; 19034 Fedex. In case you're interested, they threw out the Apple printer last week - someone else picked it up. I got the HP laser printer though last week....strangely enough, they threw out another HP laser printer tonight, this time with a toner cartridge. The toner cartridge is bad...rats...Bill.

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