Toshiba T4400 password

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Nov 11 13:44:47 2004

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> I got my 300MHz Tecra for nothing because it had a password.
> I can attest that the parallel port method works for
> that model at least!

Lucky dog!
I've got a Toshiba T2130CS (yes, the loopback adapter will kill the password
on '2130s) and a Panasonic CF-25. The CF-25 is the more powerful of the two,
and the more rugged. Magnesium alloy casing and internal framework,
impact-protected TFT LCD, synthetic gel HDD shock-absorber, shock-proof
floppy drive, shock-resistant CD drive. P133 CPU, 32MB RAM, 3.2GB HDD, 3x
PCMCIA slots (one taken up by a Xircom IIps CreditCard Ethernet adapter). And
it's yellow. And it's well outside of the 10-year rule (1998 manufacture
date), but it's a neat little machine, even though it's a PC.
Only thing I don't like is the fact that you can't hot swap the CD and floppy
drives. It is, however, water resistant - spill a drink on the keyboard and
you'll probably end up pulling it to bits to remove the gunk, but the
keyboard switches will likely be fully operational.
At the moment, I'm using mine for electronics CAD and software development.
EAGLE 4.13 and Slackware Linux work great on it, as does Win98 <spit>.
Cost me ?124 for the machine and about ?25 for the floppy drive.

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