Scanning books

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Thu Nov 11 14:46:51 2004

> Otherwise, the way this is handled is to shear the binding off the book.

Sewn book bindings can be disassembled without shearing. Take the journals
apart then scan the left and right pages sequentially. Most glued bindings
and be peeled apart in a similar manner. In fact, it's difficult to keep
a glued binding from falling apart if it's older than 20 years.

The problem with shearing a binding is you have to make absolutely, positively
sure that all of the pages are aligned, or you take a 'C' shaped cut out of
the bound edge of the book. By the time you get a book down to the size where
you can make sure the stacks are straight, you may as well have taken them
all apart by hand.
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