Hold the scanners! (was DEC Docs, Diagrams, and Diags. on Microfische)

From: Michael <vaxlion_at_postal.lionsden.com>
Date: Thu Nov 11 14:59:31 2004

Hi Folks,

Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I'm the seller of the microfiche collection up on ebay. I apologize that
I haven't jump in here sooner and talked about this.

The collection HAS been scanned into a ~4GB set of jpegs and tiffs.
A professional scanning company was used: www.data2cd.com. At the time,
over 2 years now, they were the cheapest and scanned per microfiche.

Due to time constrains, absent-mindedness, and bandwidth limitations, I
haven't made the files available.

The scans are only organized into pages per microfiche... no other
sorting or labeling has been done. In some cases, there are more than
one set of documents present on a microfiche.

There are some pages were data2cd was not able to extract enough detail.
Either the density was beyond their equipment and/or the original page
was not transfered/photographed correctly.

I'd be very happy to flood someone's connection for a weekend to
transfer the files over with the promise to organize and host the files
for the general vintage computing public. Ideally, it would be nice to
have these organized into PDFs. Also, it would be nice to throw some
files at an OCR to extract the diagnostic source code.

My recommendation is to bet on the auction if you have a desire to
collect such material and can preserve it. Please don't bet with the
only intention to scan these -- that's already been done!

-- Michael
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