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Date: Thu Nov 11 16:45:06 2004

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> I'd be very happy to flood someone's connection for a weekend to
> transfer the files over with the promise to organize and host the files
> for the general vintage computing public.
> --
> I can take care of this on bitsavers.

Well, I was going to suggest Retroarchive - there isn't a DEC section as yet,
but one can soon be added. To quote from the main page:
  Software and documentation for all computer systems is welcome here.
  Anything from the simplest 6502 based SBC to a huge VAX minicomputer;
  it has a home here.
  For software or information to be included in this site, it must be
  at least 10 years old. There are no restrictions as to what platform
  the software or documentation is for, as long as it passes the "classic"
  test of being 10 or more years old. For my purposes, this includes
  everything prior to 1993 Submissions to the site that are newer will
  be judged on a case by case basis.
Speaking of Retroarchive, I really need to go through the HTML and fix a few
bugs. If anyone finds any glitches, please let me (or Gene Buckle) know :)

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