From: Rich Bramante <>
Date: Thu Nov 11 20:07:36 2004

I am forwarding this from the Boston Craigslist in case anybody is interested.

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I have a 5x10ft storage locker with 24 years worth of computing,
but now I am moving and have to get rid of it. You can keep this
in your own collection or sell it on eBay. Help me clean it out
within the next few weeks by taking all of it.

To keep it serious I'll accept offers for one week. If no offers,
not even token offers, I'll take it all to the dump myself. I
have a pickup truck and can help transport if you pay gas.

Located and available to be seen in Londonderry, NH, at exit 5 off
Interstate 93.

Little of this stuff is usable in a modern environment, but it
all worked when taken out of service.

Apple //e. Monochrome and 13-in digital color monitors,
5MB Corvus hard drive, Imagewriter 1 printer. Many cards and
accessories. Complete Apple Pascal and Modula-2 system. A
whole bunch of software and manuals.

Macintosh Plus. 20MB hard drive. Many accessories. Software
and manuals.

Compaq II 80286 portable computer with 20MB hard drive. Canon
8086 computer and monitor. 80286 IBM AT clone with monitor.
All these would make good Minix systems to toy with.
8088 computer and monitor with floppy drives. 80386 DOS
laptop. HP Omnibook 300 ultraportable Windows notebook.

Sun IPX Solaris UNIX workstation with disk array, 19-inch
color monitor, keyboard, mouse.

HP Laserjet 3P (needs board). A couple of Epson inkjet
printers. A couple of Microtek SCSI flatbed optical scanners.

Hundreds of manuals and books, especially on Pascal and Unix,
will sell separately or keep but won't give away.

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