Shipping a Model 33 (RO) Teletype

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Nov 11 21:20:42 2004

At 02:24 PM 11/11/2004, Tom Jennings wrote:
>Styrofoam "peanuts" are like a cosmic conspiracy or something.

Indeed! And they're not produced on-site at the shipper, right,
so they must've been shipped full-size in giant hoppers? It makes
so little sense.

A few vendors I know are using an inflated plastic tube alternative.
At least these are easily popped afterwards and become just plastic
film. They do the job of filling space to keep one box from rattling
around within another - which is a task peanuts do, too.

Still, I wish for one of those expanded-foam packing systems.
My shipping volume does not justify it, but it's such a nice way
to pack anything fragile.

- John
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