Hold the scanners! (was DEC Docs, Diagrams, and Diags. on Microfische)

From: Michael <vaxlion_at_postal.lionsden.com>
Date: Fri Nov 12 09:37:07 2004

der Mouse wrote:
> I doubt I can do the "organize and host" bit. But-- are those scans
> backed up anywhere, or is there only one copy of them? I have 4G of
> space that can't easily be exported to the public, but would happily
> stash a copy to guard against things like disk failure.

Right now, subject to change, there are 3.5 copies - the originals on
CD, two copies on RAID-5'ed filesystems and 1/2 up on bitsavers.

There's was a technical difficult last night which caused the transfer
to abort half-way through to bitsavers.org

-- Michael
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