I finally got something on topic outside Token Ring! hehe...

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It's best to know what model PS/2. If it's a 95xx, it will be much easier
and even fun to set up.
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A fellow IBM'er of mine is selling me his complete IBM PS/2 system. It's
MicroChannel AND has Token Ring! woohoo. It is also SCSI! I am also getting
a MAU in original plastic still WITH reset tool. yippie. I can add that to
the 24 port Bay Networks (now Nortel) Baystack 504 (mod) that I have. Now
all I need to do is toss in a few larger SCSI drives and find someone nice
enough to have a copy of the MCA configuration floppy that I will be
needing. Once I know the specific unit, I will ask the list for help on
that. More than likely, I know I'll get a few flames, but hey, gotta ask as
it will be my main machine/server on the TR side of the network. It is
currently running DOS and a semi-modified Windows 3.1 (?). I want to do
something, like toss Debian on it as it has a very nice net install and
works well for me so far. Any suggestions guys?
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