Hold the scanners

From: Paul Koning <pkoning_at_equallogic.com>
Date: Fri Nov 12 16:54:01 2004

>>>>> "Barry" == Barry Watzman <Watzman_at_neo.rr.com> writes:

 Barry> Re: "Obviously the value would be greatly enhanced if we could
 Barry> knock up an index (document title or part number, where it
 Barry> starts, where it ends) and better yet if individual docs could
 Barry> be pulled out into separate pdfs."

 Barry> All of this is fairly easy if you have full-version Adobe
 Barry> Acrobat. I'm not saying it's not time consuming, but it's far
 Barry> less difficult than many people (who have never used
 Barry> full-version Acrobat, but have only used the reader) would
 Barry> suspect.

 Barry> I MIGHT do it if I get access to the files. Downloading 1,000
 Barry> jpegs will probably take a lot more time than consolidating
 Barry> them into a PDF file, which can then be fairly indexed.

I would hope the scans are TIFF, not JPG. JPG images are generally
blurry, especially if the original had sharp black & white contrast.
JPG is NOT fit for that job.

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