Nice bit of test gear history...

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Nov 14 00:36:02 2004

        My inner voice kept urging me to stop by the local used-computer place today despite my currently low cash level. Now I know why.

        Besides the SCSI connection adapter I needed, I also picked up a neat piece of computing test equipment history. It's a V-ATE POST and diagnostic test card, made by Vista Microsystems and vintage about 1991.

        I remember seeing these things (and lusting after them, but I couldn't afford $2,300+ at the time) in the Specialized Products catalog of the time, right alongside the Lynx floppy-disk tester/exercisers, RS232 breakout boxes, and other such goodies. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever own one.

        This particular board will work in any AT-type system with an ISA slot. Besides doing the usual POST code readout and diagnostic functions, it will also function as an AT-bus specific logic analyzer.

        God only knows what I'm going to use it for right now, but I just couldn't leave it there to be picked up by some brainless boob who has no idea of the history of the thing, much less how to use it!

        <sigh> And I thought I was done collecting computer hardware some years ago. At least I'm not bringing home VAXstations now... ;-)

        Keep the peace(es).

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