Brits so Wacky

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Date: Sun Nov 14 17:26:09 2004

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> This is much fun. It's a contest on some UK channel for
> people to come up with concepts for the most crap 1980s
> games. This is not picking crap 1980s games mind you, but
> coming up with parodies of games in the 1980s that were such
> crap they were memorable.

as advertised on my index page since the owner of b3ta told me about it a
few weeks ago :) I happen to go drinking with some of that lot from time to
time, I've been part of the b3ta community for a couple of years now. They
do weekly 'competitions' that primarily concentrate on manipulated images,
jokes, parodies etc.....some gifted people on there.

Some of 'em collect old machines too, some of you might remember this tune
that b3ta head honcho Rob put together a few months ago:


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