Kildall mentioned

From: Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 13:10:11 2004

Just checked out the web site... they give Donna Dubinsky credit as the force
behind PDAs!

There's a brief mention of Jeff Hawkins, and an even briefer mention of the
Newton as a "market dud".

Sigh... talk about your dummied-down history.

I ought to send these people my research of PDAs from the 1970s.

I didn't check out the rest of the web site. Anyone else see other glaring
myths or oversimplifications?

--- John Allain <> wrote:

> I just heard from a radio interview that the book of the
> PBS series 'They Made America' supposedly mentions Gary Kildall.
> No guarantee, but if the ser. is in chnonological order then
> you might want to check it out two weeks from today.
> He's in the book, they said.
> John A.
> Not affiliated with the book or show.

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