SMS 8000 model 40 Operating System?

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 17:19:57 2004

Hi Joe,

Assuming you are talking about the one you sent me a photo of. You
already know as much as I would guess. They look like a system 86/3xx,
but I don't know the specifics.

It looks like you really have to learn iRMX. I did remember one thing
about it. Seems like there was an administrator account out of the box
called "superuser". Don't know the default password. Give it a try.

I never did anything with Xenix. So nothing to remember. Sorry.

BTW, can't remember if I told you, but I located my ISIS-II(W) and can
send you a copy of the boot diskette. Assume you want DD, right?

The cable from the MDS to the winchester disk package was a three-row
D-connector. Probably one-to-one. Does your chassis have something
like that connector on it?


Joe R. wrote:
> Anybody what OS these use or anything else about them? I picked up
> seven of them with docs this past weekend. They're rackmount chassis
> with 5 Multibus 1 slots. According to the manual they have an Intel
> 86/35 CPU card, 4 Mb of RAM, a 12 Mb Seagate ST 213 12Mb hard drive
> with an intel iSBC 214 controller, a 48 TPI 5 1/4" floppy drive and a
> SMS peripheral controller. I have dug into any of them yet to check.
> I'll be asking lots more questions. I picked up an American Buttload*
> of computers this past weekend. And you won't believe where they came
> from!
> *That's at least 2x a Metric Buttload!
> Joe
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