HP 2113B service manual / schematics

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Mon Nov 15 21:13:10 2004

Your -2 supply sounds just fine.

This supply voltage is used to terminate the I/O backplane, making the
bus signal levels compatible with the original HP 2116, which used CTL
logic. The 2113's processor uses modern TTL, with special drivers for
backwards compatibility of the I/O bus.

As to the power supply, there are about 20 different revisions, some with
battery backup, some without.

I think the schematics are on Al's web site for the processor. I'm less
sure about the power supplies.

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Subject: HP 2113B service manual / schematics

> Hi All,
> I'm in the process of powering up a 2113B. I took a look at the output
> voltages from the PSU and they all look fine *except* the -2 volt line
> that appears to be running at -2.47 volts.
> I have the 2109B / 2113B installation and service manual but the service
> procedure just talks about adjusting the 5 volt line and all the other
> supply voltages tracking this one.
> I can't find a schematic for the power supply in the documentation that I
> have 02109-90015.
> Questions:
> 1. Is my copy of 02109-9005 (Installation and service manual) incomplete
> i.e. should there be a schematic in it?
> 2. Does anyone have a schematic for the 2019B / 2113B computer power
> supply. Note that the 'B' is important as the power supply was revised
> between the 'A' and 'B' models.
> 3. What is the -2 volt line used for?
> 4. Does it matter that the -2 volt line is outside specification?
> 5. Is a full schematic available for the 2113B computer? - I'm sort of
> interested in what exactly is going on on the motherboard.
> Many thanks
> Peter Brown
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