DEC colours

From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 23:17:15 2004

> So what you really need is a copy of DEC Std 92.
That would be the ultimate, wouldn't it? DEC's own color
descriptions. If Curt.V can have all of Atari's corporate
documents then maybe someday someoneon the list could
find much of DEC's...

Why I like RGB, chapter 3... All of electronic graphics is based on it. If
it looks good on a TV, a computer monitor or anything from a Digicam,
then it has been RGB digitized at some point. A digital camera just
seems like a super convenient instantaneous color digitizer.
You don't mix pigments from Red Green and Blue but the result of any
pigment mix color can be communicated with RGB very well.

John A.
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