Old motherboards & Stuff, free to a good home

From: Tom Hudson <tomhudson_at_execpc.com>
Date: Tue Nov 16 09:24:35 2004

While rummaging through my attic recently, I realized I have a lot of
old PC motherboards, memory, etc. which have been removed from service
due to upgrades and I'm never going to use them again. Nor will I be
able to sell them, realistically. These include 486's, dual Pentium
Pro/200 MB's, etc. I'm a graphics guy, so I always had some of the
faster stuff available, and when faster MB's came out, I upgraded.
AFAIK, most of these are in operational condition, with the exception of
one of the dual PPros, which croaked. It's bound to have useful RAM,
processors, etc. though.

If anybody would like these, I'd be more than happy to give them away to
a good home. Please contact me off-list if you want 'em.

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