DEC colours

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue Nov 16 14:15:25 2004

>>>>> "John" == John Allain <> writes:

>> If you want to do professional grade color, you have to go way
>> beyond the narrow confines of thinking about color as simply RGB
>> color.

 John> Implied from what you say there are scanners that _detect_ and
 John> record by methods other than by RGB. I haven't yet seen any
 John> that do this, including many professional models. Your words
 John> "way" or "narrow" I'd like to say I don't yet follow, without
 John> starting a flame war.

Scanners use RGB -- which means that there are printed colors they
won't deal with.

I did not mean any insult by "narrow" -- only that there are many
color models, not just RGB, and RGB is neither the best nor the most
powerful model.

>> The RGB gamut and the CMYK gamut largely overlap,

 John> So nobody's perfect but they can get along together.

Only so long as you aren't doing work that requires accurate color in
a subtractive color environment, such as printing. Otherwise you'll
discover why Photoshop does CMYK, and why the manual chapter on that
topic is so long and complex.

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