Testing Power Supplies! Re: Norsk Data Nord-10/S restoration effort on the way!

From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Tue Nov 16 15:04:28 2004

William Maddox wrote:

> I thought that 74F series parts were generally replacements for 74S
> parts. Is this incorrect? A more serious concern is that the parts
> that have been recently produced seem to be simpler glue logic, bus
> transceivers, etc. Many of the nice functional blocks used for building
> CPUs were dropped from manufacturers catalogs years ago, and many were
> never even offered in the more recent logic families. Take, for
> instance, the 74172, an 8x2 dual-ported register file used in the Data
> General Nova 2.

You can still GET that at http://www.unicornelectronics.com/ but just what
is stock on hand is all that is left. They have some 74S and 74H too.
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