VAX 6600 UK Wales

From: meltie lists <>
Date: Tue Nov 16 18:58:45 2004

> This is Meltie's department, though whether he can get the means
> together to get to welshland is another thing entirely. I can't, plus
> I've got nowhere to put it :-\ The 4000 would be nice but I've already
> got a 4505a :)

Thanks for thinking of me, but Snowdon computers (i've seen it already by
a stroke of luck) get them in occasionally and I just can't afford the van
at the moment :(

Give me six months and i'll have given up on Uni and moved to
Cheltenham/Bristol to work with a mate in VMS admin.

Sod Uni... Job! Money! House! 3-Phase!

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