DEC VAX Stuff Available in MA ... Part #2

From: Richard Beaudry <>
Date: Tue Nov 16 23:00:57 2004

Hello all,

OK ... So far all of the responses to part #1 have been "I look
forward to part #2", or "I'll take what's left"... Therefore, I'll
keep it all available, in case someone wants the entire kit. If not,
then I'll sort out what's left and let the vultures get it :-)

Please note that I am NOT willing to ship anything in this list. Too
big, too heavy, too much trouble. Please do not ask me to ship it...
You can pick it up in Westminster, MA 01473.

Here's the deal:

- A case the size/weight of a typical desktop PC, labeled on the front
"VAX 4000-100", and on the back "MicroVAX 3100". Nice and clean,
nothing in the 5.25" external bays, and only one hard drive in the
internal bays, RF31T-EA (Google says 381MB DSSI). Has what looks like
a standard set of ports on the back (I found one similar to this on a
Google search, and it had all the same ports: printer, DSSI, Q-Bus,
SCSI, Ethernet, Console, Printer). NOT powered on, untested, working

- DEC TS05 Tape drive, with two cables. HEAVY! Untested, working pull

- MTI StingRay DS and StingRay Disk Array. The DS unit looks to be
the controller, and the Disk Array has 7 1GB drives. DS unit weighs
about 40lbs., and the Disk Array is at least double that (about the
size of a FULL 486 PC Tower case). Untested, working pull

- R400X expansion unit. Again, some Googling reveals it is a BA440
cabinet, with 4 drives (DSSI I believe). Also has a M7493-PA card,
and H7874-00 power supply. Untested, working pull

- B400X expansion unit. Another BA440, NO hard drives, but does have
a TK70 tape drive. Has the same H7874-00 power supply. Cards are:
M9060-YA load module, M7530-PA TS05 controller, M9047-00 grant card,
M7559-00 TK70 controller, M9405-PA QBus Expansion card. Untested,
working pull.

I'll take emails for a couple of days OFF-LIST please. I'd like to
get this out of the house (or, rather, my wife would :-) ), so
priority will be given to those who can come sooner rather than

I'll try to answer any questions, but I am a DEC neophyte...

Rich B.
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