HP 2113B service manual / schematics

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Wed Nov 17 10:05:47 2004


  IIRC that's the same cap that failed in one of my HP 2117s a year ago. Same symptom, it ran fine for hours then suddenly failed. One of the things that I moticed was that the computer kept running and even though I turned off the power switch the cap kept sizzling. I had to unplug the line cord to stop it. I also had exactly the same thing happen an another 2117 last Sunday but I haven't taken the PSU apart to see what failed in it yet. Also had one of those small surpressor caps fail in my BBC Micro last year. Again with the same scenrio. They don't seem to hold up well.


At 02:45 AM 11/17/04 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Excitement in the lab last night! - I left the 2113B running on the bench
>whilst I went to make a cup of tea (yep, British) only to return to a room
>full of smoke.
>Turned out that the 240 volt rated 0.22u surpressor capacitor (mounted
>across the live and neutral pins on the mains socket) had decided to give up
>the ghost. No real damage done - just a bit stinky and a bit of smoke
>The machine had run just fine for about two hours before the cap decided to
>break. This has happened to me before on another piece of ageing
>electronics - it is probably worth checking all old electronics for this
>type of surpressor capacitor and replacing them BEFORE turning the equipment
>Hope that this is of help to someone.
>Peter Brown
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