Testing Power Supplies! Re: Norsk Data Nord-10/S restoration

From: Paul Koning <pkoning_at_equallogic.com>
Date: Wed Nov 17 11:04:35 2004

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe R <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com> writes:

 Joe> Ok for the ones of you that didn't get it I was being
 Joe> sarcastic. That's why the smiley at the end of the message. I
 Joe> just wondered what the reaction to trying to find a .0333 Ohm
 Joe> 750 Watt resistor would be.

A nice way to make high power resistors is to take low power resistors
and dunk them in water. For example, a pair of 1 watt 100 ohm
resistors in parallel, in water, makes an excellent 100 watt dummy
load for ham radio applications. If you run it for a long stretch you
get steam, but the resistors stay healthy.

For a 33 milliohm resistor, I might consider a suitable length of
ordinary 20 gauge home electric wire, insulated, in water. That wire
is rated for 20 amps in conduit, probably closer to 30 in open air, so
750 watts in water wouldn't be an unreasonable thing to do.

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