HP 2113B service manual / schematics

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Wed Nov 17 18:33:08 2004

Its probably a little high because the I/O bus is unloaded.

I've seen some variation on this supply voltage on my machines, but
all of them work fine.

( I currently have 7 working 2113's, as well as a pair of 2116's, two
2115's, and a 2115 as well).

Let me know if you need a hand getting the machine to boot some
useful software. I can supply you with EPROM's (or EEPROM's)
with bootable software, and information on how to build a simple
paper tape reader emulator that reads them.

You can also boot your 2113 from a PC's serial port with the
right loader ROM and a BACI serial interface board on the HP.

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> Hi Bob and Jay,
> Thanks for replying to my post. I now have a pile of schematics to try to
> understand!
> Bob: Thanks for the info on the -2 volt rail - I'm not going to be running
> any 2116 hardware so I guess I should be OK.
> I'm still intrigued as to why my rail should be out of spec (the service
> manual is pretty precise about the rail limits). If any one has access to
> the schematic for the standard power supply for the 2113B (i.e. without
> the battery back up option) then I'd be very interested in getting hold of
> a copy.
> Cheers
> Peter Brown
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