10 year rule

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Wed Nov 17 20:45:29 2004

>a little Soekris firewall. But when this 320 and its flat panel
>came available, I jumped on it without a second thought. I'm not
>very sure what I'm gonna do with a Windows box, but I'm sure I'll
>think of something.
> Now I just wish I could afford the ~$300USD for a DVI multilink
>adapter for this 1600SW.
> Anyhow, the point is that since it's not 10 years old, and it only
>runs Windows, it's not "classic" by the conventions of this group.
>It *is* a major departure from commodity PC hardware, though, it is
>fairly uncommon, and I wouldn't blush a bit about discussing it on
>this list.

Actually I think it *almost* falls under the "really cool hardware"
exemption, by virtue of the 1600SW panel. :^) I *so* want one of
those for my o2/270! The problem is I can't justify the cost of
buying one on ePay.

Besides, from the PC HW point they actually do sound like interesting systems.


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