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From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Thu Nov 18 03:06:24 2004

Teo Zenios wrote:

> I find most of the people bashing Windows or Mac OS do not even use them to
> know what they are talking about. Win2k is very stable and probably does not
> need reinstalled ever, not sure about XP since I don't use it. The older Win
> 9x machine would need reinstalled every 8-12 months if you constantly
> install and uninstall apps, change hardware, and try every new device driver
> out (basically the typical game user). I find that even the older Mac OS 7.x
> and Windows 3.1 would be reliable enough for real work assuming you used a
> stable set of drivers and shut the machine down at the end of the day (to
> avoid memory leaks). I have yet to see an consumer OS that did not crash
> when using buggy hardware/drivers or buggy software.

I use various "free" Unixes (Linux and NetBSD, mainly) and a couple of
commercial ones. What you tend to find with buggy software is that the
application will crash, leaving the underlying operating system
untouched. If you're really unlucky, it might leave X in an uncertain
state and you'll need to restart it.

I use Windows 2000 at work, and while it does appear to be fairly
stable, it's so limited that it's practically impossible to get any real
work done.

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