Sun Type 5 keyboard f*-up

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 10:30:47 2004

james wrote:
>I've washed all my keyboards (incl Sun) in dishwashers on regular cycle
>with a little detergent (NOT Cascade or other powder detergents that
>contain sand - use liquid). I don't recommend using the drying cycle.

wow. that's amazing. and it works?

ok, I spilled some red wine a keyboard the other day and the space bar
no longer works.

I'll try this tonight.

(btw: I've also dumped a martini on a keyboard but I found that
afterwards it worked *better*. So, martini good, red wine bad - at
least for keyboards :-)

i'm guessing hot wax only increases performance in the movies - ouch! :-)

>The trick is to chase the water afterwards and I use isopropynol
>(rubbing alcohol) to do that. Isopropynol binds to water and will take
>it away as it flows off the board.

"chase the water" - can you explain? does that mean after the dishwasher
spray the top of it liberally with isopropanol?

>Follow with a hair dryer and a day or two in the sun.

and then use the hair dryer, followed by sun?

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