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From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Thu Nov 18 14:58:31 2004

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Fred Cisin wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Tom Jennings wrote:
> > making a 4FDC talk to Shugart 851's (plus my 801's and 851's)
> > (solution: the data-separator add-on card for some Tandy Model
> > x computer, a daughter board that fits under the 1771 chip)
> The data separator was made by Percom to fit what we now refer to
> as the "model 1" (When it came out, it was just called the "TRS-80")
> They also made the "Doubler", which was later copied by Tandy.

Aha! Thanks, I never would have remembered that.

Also, I want to say that everything and anything I extract from
the piles (software, manuals not on bitsavers, etc) will be
made openly available. It will take some weeks, as the stuff
will be shipped a box a week or so. The manuals and printed
software listings are coming this week.
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