Picture from 1954 Popular Mechanics Magazine

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Date: Thu Nov 18 15:12:07 2004

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> > On Tue, 2004-11-16 at 15:27 -0500, Joe R. wrote:
> > > Take a look at this
> <http://www.classiccmp.org/hp/Fw%20%5bVTOD-L%5d%20Fw%20Picture%20from%201.jpg>
>Totally fake. Funny though, just not to this discerning crowd! :-)
>That's all power control junk in the panel. The wheel is just silly.

Acutally, not so silly. Looks somewhat like the Manuvering Room on a
nuclear submarine, about 10'x10' in size.

The Steam Plant Control panel had wheels IIRC to throttle steam, and there
was a Reactor Plant Control Panel and Electric Plant Control Panel
immediately adjacent - pretty much as shown. The EPCP though had a big
mimic bus of the boats electric port and starboard AC and DC power systems.

Caveat to any boat sailors on the list - I used to be qualified, but have
lost too many brain cells in the 30 years since my last patrol.

Ed K.
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