Sperry anyone?

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_computer-refuge.org>
Date: Thu Nov 18 18:27:12 2004

Jules Richardson declared on Tuesday 16 November 2004 07:14 am:
> > Still have manuals and install media for the 5000/50.
> Ooh. Wonder if that'd work with my Tower? I know the binaries were
> generally interchangeable between NCR and Unisys models, but if I'm
> remembering the '030 right, then my system's something other than a
> 5000/50 equivalent.

>From what I remember from talking to UNISYS, install media was (at least
supposed to be) keyed to the serial number of the machine it shipped
with. Not sure how true it was, but thats what UNISYS said to me.

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