OT: OS/X - X11

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Nov 19 11:55:34 2004

>I attended a presentation at AppleNYC last night to oogle all
>the neat hardware and hear about the Software but I failed to
>ask this question:
> Can you take an X11 application compiled for PPC/linux or
> /freeBSD and run it on the Mac?
>Think they said that their OS was Posix compliant but apps
>were'nt portable To other platforms. But From?
>I've seen a few X11 crashes in my day but I'll still give 'em
>a chance.

I would think there is a good chance. There is an X11 setup for OS X. You
can download it from various places online, or it comes with OS X.3 (but
I don't believe it is part of the default install, so you have to choose
to install it).

I know OpenOffice was ported to OS X for use with X11. I just don't know
how much was involved beyond a recompile.

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