BBN and SMS pictures. More

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Nov 19 13:50:50 2004

  Added more pictures. Here <> are pictures of the Multibus cards that are used in the BBN. I don't think I mentioned it but the BBN has two card cages plus a place for the Switch card. As I mentioned earlier, the BBN card cage has no sockets and all the card connections are made through cables on the front edge of the cards. In addition to the BBN CPU card card, there's also a Multibus card cage for the IO controllers and such. These house an IKON DR-11W emulator card <> that's used to talk to the BBN CPU cards. A Burr-Brown 830-72 72 channel TTL I/O board <>. A CMC or Excelan EXOS201 Intelligent Ethernet controller board <>. A Data TRanslation DT5712E high performance A/D converter card <> and a NCR HPSIO card with 8 RS-232
ports and 1 parallel printer port.


  Here are some pictures of SOME of the stuff that I got last weekend. Besides a huge box of manuals that I've sent to Al, I found five BBN computers and I'm attempting to rescue enough of one to make a workable system for Tom Uban. Plus all the cards out of the other ones for him for spares. The BBN chassis is just too big to deal with but I got ALL the cables, the complete PSU (on the back panel!), the multibus card cage (and all the MB cards) and the switch card that lets all the CPUs talk to all the other CPUs. The BBN CPUs are odd in that they don't plug into a socket so the card cage isn't absolutely necessary. All the power and signals go through connectors on the front of the card. Warning: this is a SCRAP place and some of it isn't pretty!


   Here's also some pictures of the internals out of one of the 7 1/2 (yes half!) SMS Multibus computers that I rescued. These are pictures of the card cage and cards from the 1/2 computer. The scrappers had already started on it but I managed to find the cards, hard drive, floppy drive, etc.


   I'll post more pictures and details about these later. I also rescued three Masscomp Multibus systems but no pictures or anything for them yet. OOPS! I forgot, I also rescued four Intel 86/384 computers and a MN-26C radio compass on Saturday. More about those later too.

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