tracing out schematics

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Date: Thu Nov 18 07:26:17 2004

If it's a simple board with just a top and bottom layer, then I normally
photocopy it and use that in conjunction with the real pcb to make a copy
of the traces.

however the problem comes when you have a lot of fine tracks on the board
as in the case of something complex like a CPU board. also you would need
to take into account more than 2 layers.

now i'm assuming by your post it's a PSU board? if so, you may be better
off tracing out the board onto a piece of paper like I suggested above as
that would normally only be 2 layers. with usually the HV on the bottom
side and the LV on the top. It may even be just a single layer board as is
in most modern PC PSUs.

That said, if you have connectino diagrams, have you thought about using
an ATX psu? it's ok for switch on/off just short pin 14 on the atx
connector (green wire iirc) to ground and that will turn on the psu.


> Has anyone got any useful tips for tracing out schematics? The SMPSU in
> this 'ere NCR Tower is toast, but it's a complex beastie as it's pretty
> huge and spread over two large boards.
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