TZ30 question

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat Nov 20 03:36:29 2004

Al Kossow wrote:
>>squeal continuously as long as they're attached to the SCSI bus
> The SCSI cable is backwards.
> I ran into this a few weeks ago.

   What are the odds that two identical tape drives have the cable
connectors reversed?

   So I tried flipping the cable anyway. ;) It didn't help.

> You should also think about cleaning the heads. The easiest, totally
> non-obvious way is pop the two C washers (with the power off obviously
> on the head stack, and pull the stack up to gain access to the head
> surface.
> Clean with "head cleaner" if you can still find a bottle, or 99% isopropyl

   I have some head cleaner. I've been putting off cleaning it, but I
may have to do that.

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