Daling with Mouse damage? (Not the computer kind)

From: Christopher L McNabb <cmcnabb_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Nov 20 16:29:46 2004

Dave Dunfield wrote:

>Just took in a Superbrain-QD which was "stored" uncovered in a garage for
>the past 10 (or more) years ...
>It's got serious mouse damage - underneath and all around the monitor was
>stuffed with insulation, wood chips and bits - obviously a large nest.
>More seriously, both the main PCB and the power supply PCB are *COVERED*
>in mouse droppings, and *SOAKED* in mouse urine (mostly dried up now, but
>the damage has been done). Lots of corrosion and such, but it looks
>But both boards are covered in a layer of dried urine, sprinkled with generous
>gobs of urine soaked manure (about the consistancy of fairly dry tar), which is
>"glued" to the board.
>This is the worst case of mouse damage I have seen ... I would very much
>appreciate any tips that can be offered on how best to clean the boards
>without damaging them... ??

Mice are carriers of the Hanta Virus and other contagion. Wear rubber
gloves and a surgical mask while cleaning the system.
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