Can you beleive this S^&^!

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sat Nov 20 20:48:14 2004

That is just plain wrong. As much as I love these type of machines, I must
admit this particular one is not even remotely considered "rare". And to
think I've given away probably 6 of them in the past year, and still have 4
or 5. And 3 MX-E's coming in shortly. Guess I shouldn't argue with the
market, wrong as I think it is. Time to take a few MX's to ebay. $800
bucks?? *sigh* Guess they're gonna get really hard to find and expensive now
:\ And this guy's has two bad front panel switches. My recollection is that
a mechanical problem with the 21MX series switches means a dead and
unfixable panel. They are not a switch that can be repaired, at least no way
I have seen to fix them.

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Subject: Can you beleive this S^&^!

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> $800 with almost two days to go! And this is that INCOMPLETE and
> untested HP 1000!!!! Has everybody lost their minds?
> Joe
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